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18-Inch Canadian Cedar Wood BBQ Grill Scraper

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• 18" Cedar Grill Scraper
• Hand-crafted from kiln dried, chemical-free Red Cedar
• Durable, lightweight, and resistant to outdoor elements
• Long handle with groves for a comfortable grip & protects hands from heat
• Safe for use on cast iron, stainless steel, and porcelain coated steel
• Scraper grooves deepen with continued use, giving your grates a deeper clean
Made in Canada

To create grooves in your new scraper:
1. Heat grill for 1-2 minutes.
2. Grip the scraper and push back & forth across the cooking grate in a straight line for 30-40 seconds. Grooves will form in the pattern of your grates.


The Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper easily and naturally cleans barbecue cooking grates without the use of metal bristles, plastic, or chemicals. The Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper is manufactured from 100% Canadian Western Red Cedar wood. With continued use, grooves that match the pattern of your cooking grates are burned into the scraper, making it the perfect cleaning tool for your grill.
Compatible Universal Fit
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